Fabrice Riem, Professor (Private Law), University of Pau and Pays de l’Adour

Nicolas Pauthe, Post-Doctoral Fellow at UPPA


(by alphabetical order)

Sarah BERGER RICHARDSON, Assistant professor, Civil Law Section, University of Ottawa
Adriana BESSA, Practising Attorney, specialist on international human rights and environmental law. Visiting lecturer at Université Catholique de Lille
BIN Li, Professor of International Law, Beijing Law School Normal University
Pierre-Etienne BOUILLOT, Senior Lecturer in Food Law, AgroParisTech (Paris-Saclay University – ORCID)
Marie CUQ, PhD – International Law, UNHCR Judge-Assessor at the French Court of Asylum
Miguel A. MARTIN LOPEZ, Professor of International Public Law and International Relations at the University of Seville Member of the Steering Team of the Spanish Right to Food Observatory
Bassam MIRZA, Attorney at the Paris and Beirut Bars, international arbitration
Leonardo Fabio PASTORINO, Prof. Derecho Agrario, Universidad Nacional de La Plata, President of the World Union of University Agrarians (WUA)
Fabrice RIEMAssistant professor in private law, entitled to direct research, at the University of Pau and Pays de l’Adour (E2S-UPPA)
Uchenna Felicia UGWU, (PhD), Consultant, United Nationas Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA)
Sylvestre YAMTHIEU, (Ph. D.), Legal Consultant, Intellectual Property and Food Security