PARIS 18, 19, 20 June 2023

It is still somewhat premature to announce for sure that we will be able to organise the meeting in June 2023, physically and live stream. 

However, we have started our reflexion on the content of the program. You will find below a very provisional list of topics that we plan to discuss. The list will evolve over time. 

  • Cooperation (Chair: Laurence Boisson de Chazournes)
  • Mediation (Chair: Diana Paraguacuto-Maheo and Steven Sengayen)
  • Accountability of Courts and Tribunals (Chair: Lucy Reed)
  • Due Diligence (Chair: Pierre d’Argent)
  • Sanctions (Chair: Régis Bismuth and Jan Dunin-Warsowicz)
  • Immunities (Chair: Aziz Tuffi Saliba)
  • New warfare means (Chair: Nehal Bhuta)
  • Businesses as International Law Actors (Chair: Julie Bédard and Laure Lavorel)
  • Rethinking International Institutions (Chair: Anne-Thida Norodom and August Reinisch)
  • New relation between hard law and soft law (Chair: Gabrielle Marceau)
  • Law for Future Generations (ou One Earth) (Chair: Diane Desierto and Maria Gavouneli)
  • Ethics in International Economic Relations (Chair: Chantal Ononaiwu and Andreas Ziegler)
  • Dialogue between Adjudicators (including arbitrators) (Chair: Andrea Bjorklund and Yueming Yan)
  • Is Arbitration adapted for Mixed or asymmetrical Disputes ? (Chair: Yas Banifatemi  and Anne van Aaken)
  • International Law Confronted with the Uncertain, Unforeseen, Unthinkable (Chair : Christina Voigt)
  • Abuse of International Law (Chair: Wanshu Cong and Marie Lemey)

Other potential topics

  • Efficiency of the legal norm
  • Future of Transnational Law